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6 Ways to Use ChatGPT as a Video Game Scriptwriter

There are various ways you can incorporate ChatGPT into your video game scriptwriting workflow to get maximum productivity. The AI language model can help you simplify dialogue, add a little personality to characters, and even brainstorm quest ideas.

You can also use ChatGPT to automate repetitive tasks like writing barks and generating gameplay instructions. Here are some of the best ways you can use ChatGPT to make your video game scripts more engaging, along with prompt inspirations to help you get started.

1. Simplify the Dialogue

simplifying dialogue using chatgpt

Prompt inspiration: “[Dialogue] Simplify this dialogue and make it more conversational for a video game.”

ChatGPT excels at refining text for precision while preserving the intent and sentence structure. By using this prompt, you can eliminate unnecessary words from your dialogue to make it more conversational and engaging.

If you want to simplify dialogues in bulk, you can insert the whole dialogue tree into the prompt as well. If you run into the ChatGPT character input limit, there are ways to bypass it. Just be sure to put the dialogues in quotation marks, so the chatbot can easily recognize them.

2. Give the NPCs Some Character

chatgpt roleplaying as npc

Prompt inspiration: “Role-play as a [NPC character name and world setting]. [Provide some character history and background.]”

Role-playing using ChatGPT provides an effective way to flesh out an NPC’s personality. Simply write down the world the character lives in and break down their history and function in the game.

You can then ask questions about the character, and the chatbot will role-play as the NPC to give you detailed answers. You can even use ChatGPT for fictional worldbuilding and create new characters from scratch.

3. Convey Character by Adding Emotion

adding emotion using chatgpt

Prompt inspiration: “Add the emotion of [Insert emotion] to these video game dialogues made by [Insert character information and scenario]: [Insert dialogues].”

ChatGPT can also help you add emotion to video game dialogues. This will let you convey an NPC’s backstory, context, and state of mind with words alone. Unsure what kind of emotions an NPC should be going through during a certain scenario? ChatGPT can help you with that as well.

kinds of emotion

Prompt inspiration: “What kind of emotion should [Insert character information] during [Insert scenario]?”

4. Generate Codex Entries

chatgpt codex entry

Prompt inspiration: “Make video game codex entries for [insert items or characters whose codex entries you want to generate]. Include some interconnected lore in these codex entries to make the world feel more immersive.”

It often gets difficult to generate unique codex entries from scratch to fit into the game world you’re creating. But with ChatGPT, you can have a bottomless pool of inspiration to work with.

You can ask the language model to generate all kinds of codex entries, such as item descriptions, lore tablets, character backgrounds, and even gameplay instructions. You can also instruct ChatGPT to create connections between different codex entries to make your game lore more interconnected.

5. Brainstorm Side Quest Ideas

chatgpt side quest ideas

Prompt inspiration: “Give me side quest ideas for a [Insert game type] game set in a world with [Insert game setting and lore]. Be sure to include a reference to a video game where the side quest idea has been used.”

ChatGPT can help you brainstorm interesting questlines that players will love. Ask the AI chatbot to generate different kinds of quests for you to potentially use in your video game script. You can also provide side quest ideas that you really liked in a certain video game for ChatGPT to take inspiration from.

Or, you could request the chatbot to provide you with quest examples from other video games. You can then judge how well these types of quests worked for the game in question before incorporating them in your own script.

6. Write Barks

chatgpt generating barks

Prompt inspiration: “Give me a list of barks for a [Insert character type] commenting on the player’s [Insert situation for which you need the bark].”

Barks in video games can often get repetitive and boring for players to hear again and again. And they’re even more monotonous to pen down. But you can instantly set your video game apart from other titles by generating interesting barks that provide valuable information to the player.

Thankfully, ChatGPT can help with this. All you need to do is provide the AI with the situation in which the bark is to be used and which character is going to say it. Then, the AI can generate a long list of barks for you to take inspiration from.

Make Your Video Game Scripts More Engaging With ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be your personal video game scriptwriting assistant. It can help you simplify NPC or player dialogue to bring more clarity. You can also use it to write more interesting barks.

In terms of character development, ChatGPT can help you add emotions to a character and also give your NPCs a more fleshed-out character. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Plus, you can train ChatGPT to write video game scripts just like you. This will ensure your personal style stays in the script.


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