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8 AI Tools Content Writers Can Use to Improve Their Workflow

Most content writers are discouraged from using artificial intelligence (AI) in their writing, but AI tools can still be helpful in a content writer’s workflow. Whether they’re used for idea generation, transcribing ideas or meetings, proofreading, SEO research, or even as a bounce board, AI can be used without plagiarizing writing content.

Here are eight AI tools to help content writers with their writing workflow. Use them responsibly as an AI assistant and not a writing replacement.

Otter AI Home Feed
Image credit: Otter AI.

Transcription services can speed up any writer’s workflow, especially if you ever find yourself staring at a blank page because you can’t get the words from your head onto the page or didn’t take comprehensive notes during your meetings. With Otter AI, it can transcribe for you.

Otter AI uses real-time transcription technology to save you time taking notes. There’s also a built-in collaboration feature to give names to different voices if in a multi-person meeting. You can highlight, comment, or insert images directly to real-time transcribed conversations. Otter AI also highlights keywords, which can be helpful in your writing research.

Download: Otter AI for iOS | Android | Chrome Extension (Free, premium subscriptions available)

ChatGPT generating an article outline.

ChatGPT has been one of the biggest successes of the AI generation. You can use this AI textbot as a tool for your writing, but it comes in handy as a fantastic idea generator.

If you pride yourself as a content writer, you shouldn’t use ChatGPT to write your content, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other ways. Content creators need a steady flow of new ideas, and sometimes your mind is blank.

Ask ChatGPT for some writing ideas within your content niche, and then use your writing expertise to expand upon the results. You can also train ChatGPT to write like you to reflect your personal style.

Canva's Magic Write answering a request for a social media post

As a content writer, you might not be writing your content using Canva, but Canva Docs offers Magic Write as an AI writing tool. If your content writing veers closer to general content creation, then Magic Write may be the tool for you.

Canva Magic Write uses OpenAI technology, so it supplies similar result types to ChatGPT. You can use Magic Write for idea generation, outlines for your content, and paraphrasing, to name a few features. We have a guide to using Canva Magic Write.

Magic Write can help summarize documents—this is great for content writers who do their own marketing. You can summarize your larger content articles into social media posts of varying lengths. It also offers language translation which can help when writing to a multilingual audience.

Canva Magic Write is only available to Canva Pro subscribers. Subscribe to Canva Pro from $14.99 monthly.

Google Bard chatbot proofreading a paragraph.

Google Bard is an AI chatbot, which uses different technology than ChatGPT. Bard can be used as a writing collaborator, allowing you to bounce ideas and cite information in your research, but you can also use Bard for many other helpful reasons.

Google Bard gives cited answers when it can, and it also provides images with some of its answers. This can help you as a content writer to use authoritative information in your content writing.

You can also use Google Bard to edit your written content and provide proofreading. This is a great option if you cannot work with an external fact-checker, editor, or proofreader—it offers a budget-friendly alternative that keeps your work being the best it can be.

Dropbox Dash AI search box.

Dropbox introduced its AI toolbox, Dropbox Dash, in June 2023 as a beta platform. Although Dropbox itself isn’t a writing tool, and as a content writer, you may overlook it as a helpful tool. Its AI features can be handy for content writers and can be integrated with a myriad of other tools for a smooth workflow.

Dropbox Dash tools can summarize documents—this will speed up your research time by taking key information from long documents and presenting it in easy-to-digest chunks. You can also directly ask Dropbox Dash a question about information in a document or integrated account, and it will find and present the answer.

For example, if you need to fact-check a date, you might ask: “When did Elon Musk buy Twitter?”, and Dash can highlight the answer in any uploaded document or connected tab. Great for speeding up research, fact-checking, or organizing your work.

notion ai working on macOS

Notion is a helpful tool for content writers, freelance workers, or anyone who likes to stay organized. Notion released its Notion AI as a free trial in late 2022; however, from April 2023, it became a paid service.

Using Notion in your content creation and writing workflow is already a great idea—you can keep track of projects, create to-do lists, and stay on top of your finances as a freelance content writer.

Notion AI comes in handy even further for content writers allowing you to translate pages into other languages and write with specific writing tones. This is a helpful tool to guide new content creators in the right direction—think of it like an AI writing mentor. Notion has some competition with ChatGPT, but it has enough of its own unique tools that it’s worth checking out.

Notion AI is only available to premium Notion subscribers. Subscribe to Notion Plus from $8 monthly.

GrammarlyGO AI writing assistant tone of voice detector.

Grammarly is a writing assistance tool that offers help in more ways than just AI. Many content writers rely on Grammarly to catch typos, conciseness of sentences, and to avoid passive voice to ensure their writing is the best it can be.

These tools are available as an add-on to use on your desktop or browser and Grammarly offers free and premium versions. But Grammarly’s AI—powered by GrammarlyGO—can help content writers even further.

With GrammarlyGO, you can tell its AI your writing context and style to consider when it assists your content writing. Type your content first, then use the prompt box or pre-generated prompts to improve, change the style, or paraphrase your words.

Content writers often need to consider SEO—search engine optimization—when writing content for businesses. Unless you’re an SEO researcher as well as a content writer, it can be difficult to write to rank for SEO keywords, but Surfer SEO and its Surfer AI can help in an instant without being punished by Google’s algorithm.

You provide the main keyword you want to rank for, and Surfer AI can provide a list of subheadings to include in your content to help you rank for that keyword. You can also set the AI customization to fit your content angle. Its interface also suggests a ranking score with advice of how to improve it using various tools—some AI and some more traditional.

Surfer SEO subscription starts from $69 per month. Only Surfer SEO subscribers can access Surfer AI. Surfer AI credits start from $29.

Improve Your Content Writing Workflow With AI

AI tools are great for picking up the backlog of work; however, content writers shouldn’t rely on AI to create their content writing. This list of AI tools can improve your workflow while you focus on what you’re best at: content writing. An improved workflow will ensure you’re outputting your best content each day. This variety of AI tools can help in a lot of ways for your content writing process.


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