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8 ChatGPT Plugins for Fitness and Wellness

Keeping fit today is the best gift you can give your future self. If that’s a path you’ve chosen, getting started can be daunting. There’s just so much to consider. What if you had an AI-powered personal fitness instructor to support you?

Luckily, ChatGPT plugins can act as your health and wellness partners in various capacities. Whether creating diet plans, designing workout routines, or even providing you with daily horoscopes, these plugins will help you stay healthy daily.

1. Planfit

Planfit is an established online platform that helps people to design personalized workout routines tailored to individual needs and circumstances. The plugin, therefore, is an extension of the company that leverages AI to enhance the accuracy of workout prescriptions. It’s like a virtual personal trainer supporting your fitness journey.

To use Planfit effectively, you’ll first provide it with some basic details about yourself, such as age, sex, height, weight, which muscle you wish to focus on, and where you’ll be working out. The plugin uses your data to develop a custom workout plan that meets your needs and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Screenshot of Planfit at work

We asked the plugin to tailor a workout plan for gaining 10 pounds of muscle. Above is a section of the generated workout plan. The plugin offers personalized workout routines like other health and fitness apps.

2. Calorie Coach

If you’re ever concerned about your daily calorie intake, this handy tool created by Shimmer can assist you in managing your food consumption. It’s like a personal virtual nutritionist that you ask about the contents of your meals. If you plan to shed off some excess weight or just need to be more aware of your dietary choices, this tool will serve you.

Calorie Coach is rather straight to the point. Simply tell it what you’ve eaten, and it will spew out a summary of what you’ve consumed in terms of calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It even draws a ring graph for better illustration.

Screenshot of Calorie Coach at work

We asked it to list the nutritional composition of 2 servings of noodles and three sausages, and it gave us the answer above.

3. Workout Generator

Workout Generator is a product of Lyfta, a workout planner and tracker app that helps people, from amateurs to powerlifters, work towards achieving their fitness goals. The plugin takes advantage of the extensive data, including videos, curated by Lyfta to create a custom workout plan based on your body details.

Simply describe your body type, sex, age, and what you want to achieve from your workout. The plugin will create a routine you can start following. The workout plan is brief and comes with links to instructional videos and an image illustration of each form of workout.

Screenshot of Workout Generator working

Above is a screenshot of a workout routine provided by the plugin.

4. Instacart

Instacart is an established online grocery delivery and pickup website. Customers can order groceries and other essential items from local supermarkets and have them delivered to their doorsteps or prepared for pickup. The Instacart ChatGPT plugin simply automates the process. It creates a meal plan, lists all the necessary ingredients, and places orders for each item.

You can mention the ingredients you need and ask the plugin to order them, or you can start by creating a meal plan. ChatGPT will devise a plan and summon the plugin to add the items to a cart on the e-commerce website. It will then provide a link to check out.

Screenshot of Instacart at work

We instructed ChatGPT to create a meal plan for a vegetarian family of four. Instacart plugin added the ingredients to the cart and shared a link for instant checkout.

5. Horoscopes

If you believe in astrology, Horoscopes is a ChatGPT plugin that can provide guidance and advice on maintaining good physical and mental health based on your zodiac sign. Created by Inner Self, this tool will suggest various activities, dietary choices, mindfulness practices, and other tips to start your day in the right mood.

Simply ask it for your zodiac sign if you are unaware. You can then instruct it to provide a daily, weekly, or monthly horoscope. An example of a prompt would be; I was born on 10th Jan. Can I get my daily horoscope? The plugin will provide a personalized horoscope to start your day well.

Screenshot of Horoscopes at work

As illustrated above, we prompted the plugin to give us a daily horoscope. If interested, you can include the plugin with your astrology apps collection to keep up with your horoscopes.

6. Testosterone Meals

Testosterone level regulation is important, especially for men, and this tool can help. The Testosterone Meals plugin is designed to help elevate testosterone levels through a diet tailored to your specific needs. It recommends the exact meals for people seeking to optimize their hormonal health.

To use it, choose the type of meal you want, breakfast, lunch, or supper. Then specify the number of calories and any particular ingredients you have in mind. The plugin will curate a selection of meals that match your personal preference. It might not have all ingredients, but it can give recommendations.

Screenshot of Testosterone Meals at work

As shown above, we created a testosterone-boosting diet plan using the plugin.

7. Water Tracker

Staying healthy partly depends on the amount of water you take every day. Water Tracker can help you keep track of that. It’s a product by Fitbox, an online water-tracking platform. This tool can be handy if you suspect you’re not drinking enough water or want to stay hydrated.

To use the plugin effectively, just provide details of any drinks, beverages, or pure water you have during your day. The plugin will ask you to connect your Google account to the online dashboard to track your water intake. Your daily intake goal is 2000ml by default, but you can change that. If interested, here’s another way to track your water intake using your iPhone.

Screenshot of Water Tracker working

As shown above, we gave the plugin sample data and asked it to recommend the amount of water we need to reach the daily goal.

8. Bubble Goods

Bubble Goods is a platform dedicated to transforming the food industry from one that depends on mass-produced products laden with sugars and preservatives to one built upon a community of people creating genuine, whole foods. The plugin, therefore, helps you discover these highly vetted, health-focused foods.

It works similar to Instacart. You first identify what you’re looking for. Is it vegan or sugar-free meals? Then you can instruct the tool to identify the foods on the main website. The tool will crawl through its database, create a list of foods that meet your preference, and provide links, so you can instantly shop.

Screenshot of Bubble Goods working

As shown above, We asked the tool to give us some tasty vegan snack recommendations.

Enhance Your Fitness Journey With AI

Whether you plan to lose weight, stay hydrated, or maintain a healthy, mindful lifestyle, these ChatGPT plugins can be instrumental in helping you achieve your goal. You also don’t have to follow generally-prescribed diets or workout routines anymore. You can have them customized to fit your preferences and needs. Whichever way you look at it, there’s no reasonable excuse for avoiding healthy living with these powerful tools at your disposal.


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