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Automate Your Writing Tasks With HIX AI and GPT-4

There are a lot of AI writing tools available online, but they aren’t all created equal. HIX AI, though, is a fantastic AI writing tool to get acquainted with.

As one of the most powerful AI writing tools on the market, HIX AI can write emails, website copy, and much more. But why should you choose HIX AI for your next writing project? Let’s find out.

What Is HIX AI?

HIX AI is an AI writing copilot that is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. It can write essays and articles, as well as emails and other social exchanges, while also working as a chatbot.

Packed with more than 50 different languages that work with 120+ AI writing tools, HIX AI offers incredibly good value while also providing advanced features. HIX AI can turn videos into articles, give you inspiration for your article ideas, and much more. Additional tools are added all the time.

The HIX AI Long-Form Article Writer

long form ai article writer

Writing can be difficult if you’re not a professional writer, or you simply lack inspiration for your next project. HIX AI can help you automate this process by providing suggestions, ideas, and outlines with its long-form article writer.

You can choose from 8 article types when you use HIX AI’s Long-Form Article Writer, including How-to Guides, News Articles, Comparison Posts, and General Articles. Alongside this, the HIX Long-Form Article Writer is SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free.

GPT-4 is available with the HIX AI Long-Form Article Writer, providing the latest and most powerful AI features.

The HIX Editor

hix editor

The HIX Editor is a text editing tool that puts the power of automation in your hands. You can write your content and make manual tweaks, but you can also type // to let AI take the wheel.

Alongside the AI mode, you can also turn on Power Mode with access to 120+ AI tools or Chat Mode to give you a personal assistant while you write. This makes it much easier to move your content to services like Google Drive and WordPress.

The HIX AI Email Writer

hix ai email writer

Writing emails can be one of the most tedious tasks in a modern person’s life. This type of communication is great for conveying information quickly and conveniently, but many people end up writing the same emails over and over again when they don’t automate the process.

The HIX AI Email Writer solves this problem for you, enabling you to reply to emails up to 10x faster than you would when writing them by hand. Your responses will be natural and include a lot of depth thanks to GPT-4’s advanced AI, and all it takes is a single click to start writing a new email automatically.

Choose from 13 different tones of voice so that you can always match the tone of the emails you reply to, while also having access to more than 20 unique email templates. What’s best, though, is that you don’t need to leave your email web client; the HIX AI Email Writer works via a web app or a browser extension.

The HIX AI Email Writer is powered by GPT-4.

The HIX Chatbot

hix chatbot

Chatbots have been popular for a very long time, but few can match the conversation power of GPT-4. The HIX AI Chatbot uses GPT-4 to form realistic and detailed text responses during chats, giving you the chance to have a proper conversation with your computer.

This AI Chatbot can sit in your browser thanks to HIX AI’s Chrome Extension. It is always waiting to answer questions and provide information, and all you have to do is ask while you’re using your computer. HIX AI has big plans for its AI Chatbot, including YouTube video and webpage summarizers as well as web access.

The HIX AI All-in-One Chrome Extension


So, at this point, you’re probably starting to see just how powerful HIX AI’s systems are, but how do you use them for yourself? One of the best ways to do this is through the HIX AI all-in-one Chrome Extension.

  • Google Docs/Text Editors: Use AI to write in Google Docs and other text editors.
  • Social Media: Create automatic posts and replies on services like Facebook, Quora, Youtube, Instagram, X, and more.
  • Email: Write natural and detailed emails with a single click.
  • Google: Search Google using a conversation without having to leave the page you are already using.
  • Sidebar: An AI sidebar with dynamic content and information, similar to Bing’s sidebar.
  • Quick Lookup: Translate, rewrite, and check your grammar with a single click thanks to HIX AI’s Quick Lookup system.

Alongside these tools, the HIX AI Chrome Extension gives you access to more than 120 AI tools that will make your day-to-day writing much smoother. This makes HIX AI one of the most powerful options on the market while also providing a unique range of services that other AI providers simply can’t match.

This is a sponsored post. The product choices and opinions expressed in this article are from the sponsor and do not reflect the editorial direction of MakeUseOf or its staff.


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