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Can You Spot Phishing Emails? Test Your Awareness With These Quizzes

Phishing is one of, if not the most, common type of cybercrime. These attacks have been so pervasive for so long because they don’t need to get past sophisticated cyber defenses to work. They only need to take advantage of people’s mistakes, which is much easier.

Since phishing is a matter of human error, the solution is education. Many businesses train their employees with phishing simulations to help them recognize and avoid these attacks, and you can do the same. If you want to improve your awareness, check out these five phishing quizzes.

Screenshot of Google's Jigsaw Phishing Quiz

One of the best options is Google’s Jigsaw Phishing Quiz, which simulates phishing attacks and innocent emails to see if you can tell the difference. The eight-question quiz will ask for a name and email address, which can be fake, to make these more realistic and harder than you may think. It’ll also explain why your answers are wrong or right.

Screenshot of the FTC phishing quiz

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also has a phishing quiz you can complete in just a few minutes. It’s five questions long and uses multiple-choice instead of custom scenarios, so it’s not as in-depth, but it’s helpful for refreshing your memory.

Screenshot of the SonicWall phishing quiz

Moving from the government to the private sector, the SonicWall phishing quiz works like Jigsaw’s but goes over 10 scenarios instead of eight. The biggest strength of this test is that it lets you hover over links to inspect them, as you can in real life. That feature can help you spot blank image phishing and similar scams.

Screenshot of the PhishingBox Phishing IQ Test

PhishingBox’s Phishing IQ Test is another helpful option. Like SonicWall’s test, this phishing quiz offers 10 scenarios, but they’re random, so you can take it repeatedly and assess different situations. That makes it a great tool for ongoing learning and covering as much ground as possible.

Screenshot of the OpenDNS phishing quiz

For something a little different, you can try the OpenDNS Phishing Quiz from communications giant Cisco. Instead of reviewing email scenarios, this 14-question quiz shows you a mix of real and fake web pages. Phishing sites often don’t get as much attention as email scams, so this can be a great way to test your broader knowledge.

Put Your Phishing Knowledge to the Test

Whether you handle sensitive information for your job or are concerned about your privacy, you should know how to spot phishing. These phishing quizzes are a great place to start. Take them today to see how you can be more careful when inspecting emails and websites.


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