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Did You Know ChatGPT Has an App for iOS?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT garnered much interest when it publicly debuted in 2022, providing access to troves of information via a simple chat interface—be it travel tips or code-related logic.

People have been looking for simple ways to access the tool ever since it blew up in popularity, but it’s finally possible to do so, thanks to its official mobile app.

ChatGPT Comes to iPhone (and Android)

On May 18th, 2023, OpenAI introduced its own ChatGPT app for iOS via an OpenAI blog post. According to the company, the release comes from a continued increase in user interest, especially from those who love to use the tool when on the move.

The ChatGPT app is available for download via the App Store and is free to use, like its website counterpart. The app also features the ability to sync history across all devices. OpenAI also uses the application as a touch point for Whisper, its voice-to-text AI-powered solution, allowing users to provide prompts via voice input.

Furthermore, paying users can access GPT-4 and other benefits of the ChatGPT Plus subscription on the app too!

How to Download ChatGPT on Your iPhone

To download ChatGPT on your iPhone, search the App Store with the keywords “ChatGPT” or “OpenAI.” The name of the official app is ChatGPT, and it has a subtitle that reads “The official app by OpenAI.”

Once you’ve identified the ChatGPT app on the App Store, tap the Get button to download the app and follow the authentication steps that your iPhone will prompt. You can log in with your OpenAI account if you already have one or sign up with your Apple or Google account.

You can even ask ChatGPT whether it’s the official app as an extra measure to make sure you haven’t accidentally downloaded one of the many fake ChatGPT apps on the App Store.

Download: ChatGPT for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Use ChatGPT Seamlessly on Your iPhone

The launch of an official ChatGPT app for mobile devices makes the service convenient to access and significantly increases the ease of use, allowing users to focus more on using ideal prompts and getting a solution to their doubts sooner. It’s a welcome development, and we can’t wait to see what OpenAI builds next.


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