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Dragon's Dogma 2 PS5

Capcom has shared a list of patch notes for a Dragon’s Dogma 2 PS5 update that’ll drop at some point later this month, and chief among them is news the game’s dragonsplague mechanic will be reduced in frequency and made much more easily noticeable. The patch notes confirm the infection will be spread at a slower rate and your Pawns’ eyes will glow a lot more, making the disease a lot easier to deal with.

Dragonsplague infects your Pawns by fighting dragons in the game, with the Pawns you already have contracting the disease during a battle or already having it when you recruit them. You can tell they have dragonsplague through their glowing eyes and increasing inability to follow your orders. If you allow the infection to take hold, your Pawn will turn into a dragon and they can destroy entire villages of important NPCs while you sleep.

It doesn’t sound like the consequences of the plague are changing, but now it’ll be a lot easier to spot before things get too out of hand. You can get rid of the infection by either dismissing your Pawn or killing them.

Elsewhere, the patch notes also confirm Pawn behaviour and dialogue will be changed. They’ll be less likely to fall off cliffs, their dialogue will better suit your circumstances, and they’ll be more likely to help you when being held by foes, among other things. Then, some fixes will be applied to the mini-map and you’ll be able to zoom in on your Arisen and Pawns’ faces in certain menus.

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