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Fallout Amazon TV

Amazon’s genuinely great adaptation of Fallout really seems to have struck a chord, with fans flocking back in unprecedented numbers to various games in the series and theories and speculation already running rampant. It should also come as no surprise that at least one fan of the mechanically-heavy Fallout franchise has a working theory of what level protagonist Lucy should be by the end of the events of the first season and even what Bethesda ruleset the show might be operating on. We’ll keep spoilers as vague as possible; fear not.

YouTuber Many A True Nerd lays out their thesis on Twitter, and we have to admit it’s fairly compelling stuff. We won’t include specifics, but reasonably assuming the adaptation runs on Bethesda’s ruleset, MATN begins with several assumptions. The show’s opening montage indicates that Lucy’s tagged skills appear to be Repair, Science, and Speech, and her water issues indicate she’s “playing” on Survival difficulty, which yields higher XP. Paradoxically, given the ease with which she puts down a specific tough foe with a relatively weak weapon, this suggests combat might be tuned to a lower difficulty, which would only be possible in a modded PC playthrough. MATN concludes:

“Overall, four quests representing the main plot, and two side quests, plus extremely limited combat, though technically, she probably receives XP for Maximus’ kills when he’s an active companion. There’s also XP for location discovery, but it feels like she didn’t explore that much. Even allowing for bonus survival mode XP, it’s hard to see her having more than 4,000 – 5,000 XP across the entire journey, with probably an extra 1,000 tossed in for Main Quest completion. That would put her about Level 8, and I feel like I’m being generous.”

What do you think? Does the math add up? Do you think Bethesda expected the Fallout revival to take this form? Let us know in the comments section below.

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