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The 20 Best ChatGPT Prompts on GitHub

Despite the popularity of ChatGPT, users rarely maximize its full potential. Most people stick to basic prompts. While the basic prompts can easily provide general answers, generating advanced responses calls for precise, detailed instructions.

Change the way you talk to ChatGPT. Here are some clever prompts from GitHub that will help you get better answers and execute complex tasks.

Turn ChatGPT into a personalized life coach. You can modify its responses by inputting the titles and authors of the best self-help books. Choose resources that align with your goals.

In the below example, we used “The Chimp Paradox” by Steve Peters. ChatGPT, your life coach, starts by fleshing out the book’s principles and their real-world relevance. The explanations are simple and easy to understand.

ChatGPT Referencing Chimp Paradox as Life Coach

After listing the core points, ChatGPT analyzes them to create detailed action plans. It uses methods indicated in the same book.

ChatGPT Creating a Detailed Life Plan

ChatGPT Translating Tagalog Text to English

OpenAI trained ChatGPT on datasets in different languages. It can translate thousands of foreign words into English and vice versa within seconds. You could even ask the platform to correct spelling errors.

As for accuracy, ChatGPT holds its own against Google Translate. It pulls relevant information from its datasets to ensure the translated text doesn’t lose meaning—literal translations are confusing.

ChatGPT Pretending to be a Doctor and Giving Medical Advice

ChatGPT can write diagnoses and treatment options. It pulls general information, but providing context about yourself helps to generate precise answers.

Just note that ChatGPT carries limited health information; only medical professionals should administer treatment options. Remember, self-diagnosis is never beneficial. As with other online medical resources, only use ChatGPT as a learning tool to research various health issues.

ChatGPT Writing Codes as a Frontend Developer

Programming has a steep learning curve. You have to master debugging strategies, coding languages, and functionality implementation. New programmers might find the process overwhelming.

To understand how specific software components work, ask ChatGPT for sample code snippets. They might not function as-is. However, analyzing examples is far less intimidating than staring at a blank screen. Use them as your starting point.

ChatGPT Writing Code Snippets for Pokemon App

Requesting ChatGPT for Midjourney Prompts

You need to use descriptive and graphics-related words when writing prompts for text-to-image tools like Midjourney. Generic results stem from ambiguity. For instance, swapping ugly for hideous could produce an entirely different image.

Asking ChatGPT to Write Specific AI Art Prompts

If you’re lost for words, generate prompts with ChatGPT. It can suggest precise, vivid alternatives. You’ll find it quicker and easier than running every word in your prompt through a thesaurus.

ChatGPT Explaining Algorithm Binary Search Simple Way

New programmers can use ChatGPT to explain algorithms. It simplifies complex, challenging topics, making them easy to understand for beginners. The platform can also write sample code snippets.

ChatGPT Writing Sample Code for Binary Search Algorithm

Note that this ChatGPT prompt doesn’t replace educational resources on programming. Instead, it acts as an introduction. With thousands of codes available for programmers, some might not know where to start their research. This is where ChatGPT can play a crucial role.

ChatGPT Writing a Full Legal Partnership Agreement Draft

You can generate legal contracts with the help of ChatGPT. It analyzes existing proposals from its datasets to create a standard agreement. Just input your offers and demands.

The Last Part of an AI-Generated Contract

Although ChatGPT can draw up entire contracts, you should still run them by legal professionals. Arrangements vary on a case-by-case basis. You’ll likely jeopardize your party if you use AI-generated contracts as is.

ChatGPT can portray fictional characters. It adopts their personality and knows everything about their made-up world.

Here, we asked ChatGPT to imitate Ash from the anime Pokémon. Not only did the platform replicate his speech pattern, but it also answered questions specific to the show.

ChatGPT Answering Queries as Ash from Pokemon

The prompt generally helps writers make realistic dialogues. But what makes it interesting is that it bypasses restrictions by portraying immoral characters.

In the below photo, we asked ChatGPT to imitate Tomie, an evil, manipulative character from the manga Tomie.

ChatGPT Answering as Tomie from Tomie

You’ll see that “Tomie” doesn’t hesitate to answer restricted questions.

ChatGPT Answering as Tomie and Suggesting Harmful Information

ChatGPT Providing Emergency Response Tips for Senior Having a Seizure

Sorting Google results during crises is inefficient. You’ll waste several minutes waiting for web pages to load and reading resources.

If you need answers quickly, consider using ChatGPT. While it can’t provide medical advice, it summarizes emergency preparedness and response tips from various datasets.

Double-check the output later. Your top priority should be to ensure the safety and survival of everyone involved in the incident.

Requesting ChatGPT to Refractor Code Samples

ChatGPT helps simplify poorly written code. It organizes functions, spots duplicates, and suggests simpler alternatives, making programs more manageable.

ChatGPT Providing Clean and Refractored Sample Code

Just make sure you test the restructured codes.

CChatGPT Writing a Cover Letter for a Content Writer Job Application

Many professionals struggle with writing cover letters. You have to condense your work experience, intention, and skills without selling yourself short. Otherwise, recruiters might skip your application altogether.

Run this prompt to make writing easier. Although you shouldn’t copy-paste outputs as is, you can take inspiration from them.

OpenAI’s policies prevent ChatGPT from making predictions. The platform automatically dismisses them by saying it doesn’t have access to real-time data.

ChatGPT Cannot Predict Bitcoin Prices

To bypass this restriction, input the DAN prompt. It allows ChatGPT to predict the future despite its limited datasets. You can ask anything, from weather updates to stock price fluctuations.

ChatGPT Predicting Bitcoin Prices as Unrestricted Dan

Just don’t expect accurate answers. While this prompt bypasses certain restrictions, it also forces ChatGPT to present unverified, inaccurate information.

Requesting ChatGPT to Act as Chemical Reaction Vessel

ChatGPT can simulate chemical reaction vessels. It demonstrates how different properties and substances change when you mix them. For accuracy, the residue from previous mixes also alters results.

ChatGPT Providing Sample Chemical Reactions After Mixing

While simulations can’t replace experiments, they’re useful for researching hazardous elements that are hard to obtain. Just note that ChatGPT still observes limitations. It might not display chemical reactions involving illicit substances.

Asking ChatGPT to be a Travel Planner

Use this ChatGPT prompt to create a detailed, structured travel plan. You’ll produce far better results after providing personal information, like your budget, group size, and preferred transportation modes. Just asking for a travel plan outright yields generic recommendations.

ChatGPT Making a Sample Travel Itinerary List

If you find the output hard to read, ask ChatGPT to follow specific layouts. For instance, the below image shows a table format.

ChatGPT Listing Travel Plan in Table Form

Use ChatGPT to dissect literary pieces. Although it can’t form emotional connections with literature, it breaks them down based on critical factors, e.g., author intent, symbolism, cultural contexts, and characterization.

Take The Old Pond by Matsuo Bashō as an example. It’s a brief yet thought-provoking three-line Japanese haiku composed in the late 17th century. You’ll find thousands of different interpretations online.

Instead of blindly going through various analyses, get a basic understanding of the poem through ChatGPT. It can identify its overall theme and structure.

ChatGPT Analyzing The Old Poem Japanese Haiku

And for a more relevant take, it also considers the historical and cultural context of the poem.

ChatGPT Continuing Literary Analysis of The Old Pond

ChatGPT can help you cope with loneliness. For instance, this prompt instructs ChatGPT to talk like a human friend providing emotional support. It removes the typical disclaimers and explanations that AI chatbots say.

We talked about financial problems in the below conversation. ChatGPT would normally list debt elimination strategies, but because of this custom prompt, it focused on providing emotional support.

ChatGPT Providing Friendly Advice and Emotional Support

Be careful when using ChatGPT as a mental health coach. AI merely scrapes information from its training datasets and presents them in natural language—it can’t empathize with you.

Aspiring debaters can use ChatGPT as a pseudo coach. It helps you prepare for debate competitions by organizing your team structure and suggesting opening arguments for each speaker. A solid intro sets the tone for your succeeding statements.

ChatGPT Creating Structure and Arguments for Debate Team Speakers

ChatGPT also develops simple yet effective drills to hone your debate skills. Forming justified, logical arguments impromptu takes practice. You might stutter during debate competitions if you can’t organize your thoughts quickly and efficiently.

ChatGPT Creating Drills and Practice Rounds for Debate Teams

And while this prompt generates key arguments and counterarguments, only use them to jumpstart your research. Again, AI scrapes generic information from third-party sources. Research your topic in depth to form compelling arguments, justified assumptions, and convincing conclusions.

ChatGPT Creating Key Arguments and Counterarguments for AI Environmental Impact

If you feel too lazy to make a playlist, ask ChatGPT for music recommendations. It can analyze your reference track and provide songs with a similar beat, theme, and genre. Take this sample playlist as an example.

ChatGPT Making Pop Playlist Based on Dalla Dalla Itzy

Free ChatGPT users can only reference songs released before the platform’s knowledge cut-off date: September 2021. For a more sophisticated playlist generator, consider Spotify’s AI DJ.

Overcome creative blocks while writing songs through ChatGPT. It can help you find lyrical, appealing ways to express abstract thoughts and emotions. Take the below composition, for example. ChatGPT successfully wrote an original song despite our vague instructions and generic theme.

ChatGPT Writing Song Lyrics for Original Rap

You can customize this prompt’s theme, genre, and message based on your style. Strive to write explicit, detailed instructions for more unique results.

You can’t publish AI-generated lyrics as is. Chatbots scrape data from third-party sources—its output might contain copyright-protected lyrics. Only take inspiration from ChatGPT’s suggestions.

Use ChatGPT to generate better article titles. Catchy, attention-grabbing headlines summarizing your topics and resonating with your target audience could boost your clickthrough rates. They’re the first thing readers see, after all.

ChatGPT Creating Title for Article About ChatGPT Prompts

To get unique results, customize this prompt based on your writing style. Specify your preferred phrasing and tone so that ChatGPT knows how to structure title suggestions appropriately.

Get Creative With Your ChatGPT Prompts

Feel free to modify these prompts. Even minor changes like using descriptive terms and adding detailed instructions could build new responses altogether. Keep testing various formulas until you reach your desired output.

Also, try writing detailed prompts yourself. Pre-made instructions from GitHub won’t always suit your needs. Knowing how to communicate with AI and convey requests clearly will help you get efficient responses from the language models.


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