Beyond Body Review: It’s Time to Improve Your Relationship With Food

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Redefining Your Relationship with Food 

Most women have struggled with their relationship with food at least once in their life. For most of the 80s, 90s, and early 00s, fad diets and unrealistic beauty standards were pushed onto women incessantly, forcing many to develop unhealthy eating habits and form misinformed associations with foods. But it’s 2022, and the times are changing fast. 

These days, it’s more popular than ever to make health and wellness the number one priority. Diets are focused towards longevity and overall health, and workouts are targeted to simply create the healthiest version of yourself. It’s the golden age of redefining your relationship with food. 

New Year, New You? 

We’re all still coming off the high of holiday season indulgence. Big feast with your family- roast turkey, potatoes, cakes and, of course, the alcohol. But now it’s a brand new year, the holidays are over, and many of us have decided to turn a new page in 2022. Maybe you’re doing “Dry January”, or considering a new workout class. But before you jump to any extreme new routines, consider these three tips to be able to say: ‘New Year- new me

  1. Be patient – you might not reach your goal weight within the first month of the year! And that’s okay. Be kind to yourself and patient on your well-being journey.. 
  2. Set realistic expectations – don’t overwhelm yourself. Choose one goal to focus on instead of a million that you won’t be able to truly dedicate yourself to. 
  3. Health first – extreme diets might get you results fast, but at a cost? To ensure a healthy weight loss, choose a health plan that prioritizes your well-being, not instant results. 

Going into the new year, we all want to have health goals and maybe change some things about our weight and body. But as women everywhere redefine their relationship to food and body image, make sure you start off on the right foot. 

Avoiding Fad Diets 

Be careful of trendy diets and weight-loss programs. Very often these can lead towards extremes – like completely cutting out carbs or entire food groups, unhealthy cleanses, and fasting. These are problematic for a few reasons. For one, their goal is often more focused on selling a product rather than caring about the health of their consumers. As a result, these diets and weight loss programs are often created to be sold to the masses and not to cater to individuals. Each person is unique, with unique dietary and nutritional needs and problem areas. A fad diet may work for some, but trying one can be a real swing and a miss for most people. 

Finding Your Personalized Diet and Workout Plan

Because everyone has such unique needs, it’s important to find your own personally tailored diet and workout plans. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Well, typically, it is. Personal trainers and nutritionists can require anywhere between $50–100 a session. This might work great for celebrities – but for the average person, that can definitely leave a dent in the wallet. 

But it’s possible to get a personalized nutrition and fitness plan without breaking the bank. Beyond Body is your personal fitness coach and your go-to nutritionist, all put into one affordable, convenient, and highly personalized wellness book. 

How Does Beyond Body Work?

Beyond Body is a unique company that keeps your individual wellness in mind as its top priority. They put together a book with 300+ pages of nutritional guides, meal plans, recipes, workout regimens, daily routines, and more. Let’s break down their process. 

The Quiz 

They individualize each book by having each user fill out a brief, 3-minute, 28-question quiz. The quiz uses an algorithm created by a team of world-class nutritionists and software engineers to help understand every individual’s specific needs and concerns. 

The quiz asks questions about your lifestyle in terms of sleep schedule, work schedule, and how much free time you have. It considers whatever dietary restrictions or preferences you might have as well as your problem areas. Once the quiz is finished, the algorithm is put to work to create a personalized book designed to create a healthy and improved lifestyle. 

The Book

After finishing the quiz, Beyond Body will be able to send you your personalized book. The Beyond Body book will help you navigate your relationship with food, improving how you eat and telling you what to eat to maintain a peak healthy lifestyle. And this isn’t just about losing weight – it’s also  your mental health, your productivity, the quality of your sleep, and your overall well-being all in one book. In addition to personalized meal plans and fitness tips, the book gives you advice on how to manage stress and contains tons of educational information so that you can fully comprehend the tips and plans laid out for you. The book is designed first and foremost to be helpful and comprehensive, organized by meals, workouts, and all the tips and tricks in between. An educational and life-changing guide. 

The App

The Beyond Body program also offers the option of downloading the Beyond Body app as a companion aid. On the app you’ll be able to track all your meals and workouts, your water intake, your calorie intake, and all the progress you’re making on your weight loss journey. Tracking your progress is particularly important, because at the end of your month-long meal plan you may want to reconsider what your body needs and opt in for a different meal plan. Maybe you’ve lost the weight you wanted to and now you want to focus on toning. Or maybe you’re losing weight in the wrong places and want to shift your focus. For whatever reason, the app helps monitor everything that’s happening with your body while you’re following the Beyond Body book’s guidance.  

Meal Plans Made for YOU 

The Beyond Body book provides you with a highly personalized 28-day meal plan that is based on any intolerances, allergies, or general preferences you may have. The daily meal plans have you set up for breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an evening snack, and dinner. Each meal plan is created by a top-rated nutritionist and consists of multiple ingredients that can be combined to make over 1,000 meal variations. 

The book additionally provides you with tailored tips on superfoods, cooking cheat sheets, and already calculated nutritional data of each meal. 

Beyond Body eliminates the guilt and the pressure so commonly associated with dieting and weight loss and replaces it with a stress-free, health-oriented regimen that is redefining how women see food and nutrition. They are also currently offering 30% off for all readers with a special code OBSERVER. But this is a time limited deal so there’s no guarantee that everyone will get it.

Working Out and Mindfulness

In addition to the extensive and thoughtfully curated meal plans, Beyond Body will provide you with a number of helpful workout guidelines and tips. All of these will come from the mind of a vetted fitness expert and are just as personalized to your needs and goals as your meal plans. Whether you want to work on toning your thighs, strengthening your upper arms, or trimming up your midsection, the Beyond Body workouts together  with the meal plans will help you become the best version of yourself.

Beyond Body also knows that physical health isn’t the only important factor in reaching your dream body. Mental health is equally as important when it comes to improving your healthy lifestyle. That’s why they make sure to incorporate useful mindfulness tips throughout the book. Using these tips, and making sure you take care of your mental well-being, will help you stay on track throughout the overall diet program and maintain your routine. 


It’s important to make sure the weight-loss program you choose is a good fit for you, so you should have all the answers before making any decisions. Here are a few frequently asked questions that might make your choice easier:

Q: Can I sample the program? 

While you won’t be able to get a full sense of how thorough and personalized the program is, Beyond Body will send you a sample-sized snippet of the book before you buy it so you can get an idea of what you’re investing in.

Q: Are all the recipes designed for one person?

The recipes are all single-serving recipes for the individual who the book is made for. These recipes are carefully constructed with the goals, preferences, and dietary needs of one specific person, and are intended to help carve out a path to weight loss. Considering all this,  it wouldn’t be recommended to prepare more than the recommended amount. 

Q: How fast will I lose weight? 

Beyond Body understands that you may be eager for results. But their number one priority is your health and safety. This diet is not a fad diet and can’t guarantee instant weight loss. Everybody is different, and with a plan as individualized as the Beyond Body program, you can expect that results will come at a different pace for each participant. An individual with a naturally slower metabolism, for example, might lose weight slightly slower than someone with a naturally faster metabolism. Beyond Body will provide you with results, guaranteed, but patience is key when it comes to being your healthiest self. 

Q: Will I be able to get a refund if it doesn’t work for me? 

If, for whatever reason, you’re not finding Beyond Body to be the program you need or the products you received end up being faulty, you have 14 days to apply for a full or partial refund. 

Does Beyond Body Work? 

The short answer is yes, Beyond Body is a proven method of improving your relationship with food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The long answer is that more than 200,000 women have turned to Beyond Body to find their individualized diet and fitness plans. And it’s worked in the best of ways. 

The average amount of weight lost per individual is 25.8 pounds, and over 1,500 reviews prove the effectiveness of Beyond Body. 

Natalie Tonfack writes in her review, “I’ve spent countless nights blaming myself for eating that extra piece of cake….After finding this personalized book, I’ve stabilized my cravings, brought back my self-esteem, and continuously lose pounds week after week.” 

Madison Rivera writes, “This book is one of the best diet books because they literally break down everything. They also explain every detail and how it all works together.” 

Tiffany Schunn writes, “The details in this book are great! The food options are plenty and all foods I would actually want to eat…This is by far the best book out there!”

These are just some of the many women that Beyond Body has helped. If you decide to become a new and improved version of yourself, consider joining the hundreds of thousands of women who have taken their goals into their own hands and joined Beyond Body.  The Beyond Body program has helped so many, the results are effective, and it’s simple – the work is practically done for you by a team of dietary and fitness experts. All you have to do is trust the work, follow the meal plans, track your results, and, of course, love yourself through it all. The new you will thank you later. It’s time to improve your relationship with food, and the first step is just a simple quiz away

Beyond Body Review: It’s Time to Improve Your Relationship With Food

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